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4 Mistakes to Avoid When Selling Grain in the Markets

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1 . Avoiding Mistakes When Selling Grain: 4 Mistakes

Selling grains in a volatile market can be challenging for farmers. There are various pitfalls that they need to look out for.

Many experienced farmers and grain marketers also make mistakes that we have highlighted in this post. Here’s how you can avoid mistakes when selling grain in the market.

Avoiding Mistakes When Selling Grain: 4 Mistakes

You cannot always be on top of the market price. That said, you can learn to avoid these mistakes when the market is highly volatile.

1. Being Hard On Yourself Most grain marketers and farmers are hard on themselves when they don’t get their desired price. Grain prices change quickly, so you cannot always guess prices and market conditions. This alone can be frustrating, but most farmers beat themselves up for making mistakes. The best way to overcome the disappointment of not hitting the mark is by putting it behind you. 2. Throwing A Grain Marketing Plan Away Creating a grain marketing plan should be on top of your list. That said, most farmers tend to get frustrated and throw away their marketing plan if the data point is wrong. However, a good plan is flexible enough to change and update as data points change. Including average, sub-optimal outcomes and optimal outcomes in your grain marketing plan will go a long way. 3. Fixating on Best Prices Sometimes getting the best prices clouds your judgment. Grain farmers hang onto a certain price but later regret it. It’s important to avoid getting fixated on the best possible price or obsessing over what your neighbor is getting. Focus on your bottom lines, and don’t let your pride cloud your judgment. 4.Getting Emotionally Attached to Crops There’s a natural tendency among farmers to get attached to their crops. It’s not surprising if you feel emotionally attached to your produce. However, it can be problematic as it interferes with your judgment. Being protective of your crops and land isn’t uncommon but that’s how the biggest mistakes take place. Think of it as a business transaction to avoid letting your emotions get the best of you.

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