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3 Agri Commodity Exchanges Every Trader Should Know About

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1 . Chicago Mercantile Exchange 2 . Tokyo Commodity Exchange 3 . London Metal Exchange

A commodity exchange is a market where sellers and buyers are actively entering into spot exchanges for immediate delivery of any commodity or derivative with options, forward and futures instruments.

Agri commodity exchanges serve as an intermediary platform where traders can enter into transactions to buy or sell agricultural products. We’ve outlined some of the major commodity exchanges that every trader should know about.

1. Chicago Mercantile Exchange

Chicago Mercantile Exchange, shortened as CME or the Merc, is a global spot exchange marketplace in Chicago. Incepted in 1898 as an agricultural commodities exchange. CME became public in 2002, and later in 2007, it merged with the Chicago Board of Trade.Today, Merc is the world’s largest futures and options contracts open interest exchange platform. It trades commodities, interest rates, currencies and equities.

2. Tokyo Commodity Exchange

Tokyo Commodity Exchange, or TOCOM, is the most prominent Asian and the largest Japanese commodity futures exchange. This exchange platform operates electronically for soft commodities that include agricultural products as well as rubber, precious metals and oil. This platform offers options and futures contracts for energy, precious metals, agricultural products and natural rubber. Established in 1984, TOCOM came into being as a result of a merger between the Tokyo Rubber Exchange, Tokyo Gold Exchange and Tokyo Textile Exchange. The platform uses the OMX technology of Nasdaq.

3. London Metal Exchange

London Metal Exchange (LME) is a forwards and futures exchange marketplace. It’s the largest market in the world with standardized futures contracts, options and forwards contracts on base metals.LME also offers precious metals and ferrous metals contracts. This exchange platform allows cash trading while offering reference pricing, hedge and physical delivery of commodities for contract settlement. Other Agri Commodities Exchanges Worldwide Besides these major commodities exchanges, there are other commodities exchange marketplaces operating across the world. Some of them are:

  • Ghana commodity Exchange, dealing in agricultural commodities.

  • East Africa Exchange, dealing in agricultural commodities.

  • Mercantile Exchange of Madagascar, operating in the energy, agricultural and metals.

  • Brazilian Mercantile and Futures Exchange operating in biofuels and agricultural commodities.

  • Kansas City Board of Trade, dealing in agricultural commodities.

  • Sioux City Grain Exchange, dealing in agricultural commodities.

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